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The essence of, a travel booking website, is going from here to there by using planes, trains, and automobiles. is a very successful hotel reservations portal; it is part of the Priceline family and works with and Hotels Combined, which are the biggest hotel reservations affiliates., is under Booking Holdings Inc, was founded, as a 1996 Dutch startup, and is an international digital travel company.  Its goal is to make travelers' dreams come true.   Booking is a global hub that connects millions, using unique digital technology.  This technology has enabled an almost infinite range of transportation options to any place in the world, promoting properties that would have gone unseen and now can reach a global audience.

Up to 20 percent of an individual's total spending is on travel and that over 1.4 billion people regularly travel, which, for some, is a requirement to build relations and to groom business activity.   The quest to travel is infectious, and because of the worldwide influence of, established brands have been invigorated, and entrepreneurs have realized an economic opportunity. and has spawned other activities that feed off the travel industry.

There is a communication sector that markets and promotes trave,l, referred to as a travel influencer.  Influencer has the power to influence purchase decisions by developing a relationship with their audience. Influencers develop podcasts to market their ideas and form a sophisticated word of the mouth marketing campaign for a product. 

To extend its reach in the travel industry, will have a partner, associate, or affiliate relationships.  For instance, if you are seeking a taxi to transfer to another airport or a ride away from the airport, you can book a taxi ride through Rideways, which is a affiliate.

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