Guest Updated operates as the Middle East's version of an consumer shopping portal. As such, linking to it is going to probably generate quite a bit of consumer traffic and sales, at least for website that see a lot of traffic from viewers in Saudi Arabia and Egypt. The program provides a varying scale of commissions on different consumer goods when sales are generated by click-throughs from a partner and influencer website. Associate site owners are paid a set commision rate when the sale is completed within a set time period as proven objectively through a cookie time window after a click-through link is followed from the host site. Affiliate partners actively pushing referral traffic through can expect to see 5 to 7 percent on sales associated with fabrices, clothing, home goods, perfumes, sports and similar. Electronics tend to pay the least in influencer rewards. Interestingly, watches and jewelry and eyewear provide the highest incomes potential, sharing as much 12 and 13 percent in affiliate rewards. And with the amount of consumer e-commerce traffic the Amazon market sees daily, the right website could realize a steady income stream of affiliate-connected sales commissions.

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