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Flipkart is the top e-commerce marketplace in India.  The platform offers over 80 million products ranging from electronics, kitchen appliances and mobile phones to baby care products, footwear and books/media. When the company launched in 2007, there were two employees.  Since then, the company has grown into a mega online retailer.  Today, they connect 100,000 sellers with over 100 million registered users.

The Flipkart Affiliate Program engages the influencer to partner with the company by promoting the company and their products through links and banners on their website or social media platforms.  When a user clinks a link and makes a purchase on Flipkart, the associate earns a commision on the referral.

To support associates in the Affiliate Program, Flipkart provides free banners, product links and a variety of tools.  They also provide widgets and search tools to engage the people who follow an influencer.

The program is free to join.  The Affiliate associate earns a commission when someone clicks a specially coded link to Flipkart.  When they purchase the product, a referral commision is applied to the Affiliates account.  The commission rate is determined by the product type ranging from 6% to 20%.  While Flipkart seeks to support affiliate associates with a wealth of tools, they also provide regular training opportunities so that Affiliates can understand the many ways that they can connect customers with the company.

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