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Among consumer goods stores Target is probably one of the better associate referral income sources out their, being willing to share a commission of as much as 8 percent on completed sales through a link from a partner website. The commision provided is only for certain goods, but if your website already deals with these particular markets, the additional passive income channel of click-throughs to Target for sales can't hurt. Among the options available in the consumer side of things for an influencer, Target's reward rate is definitely one to add to the stable.

Folks do need to keep in mind Target does have some criteria that has to be met for a website owner to be an eligible affiliate. First, the website in question needs to be family-friendly. Second, linkages and sales have to fit within a 7-day cookie duration. Sales that occur afterwards don't get the reward. Fortunately, sales are rewarded per transaction, not per customer, a big sticking point for affiliates with other programs who don't read the fine print closely. Finally, affiliates should note that the rewards are scaled based on traffic generated. To get to the 8 percent, one needs to be generating sales over 10,000 transactions. Base level transactions start 5 percent rewards.

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