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VirMach's affiliate program can pay very high rates to linked partners who already have high traffic in cloud services and functions and related infrastructure.

VirMach provides virtual machine access for customers and client accounts. Their affiliate program is geared towards the promotion and subscription to VirMach digital services, and the related commission affiliate reward program provides payouts based on the type of digital service a partner link ends up generating as a new sale. The base rate of commission for a successful link-to-sale is 10 percent. However, VirMach's rates go a lot higher, as much as 50 percent of sale for the right digital services. VPN and proxy services, for example, are the big win, with VirMach sharing as much as half of the sale with the affiliate partner. That's a sizable chunk of income for bringing into a new account into the VirMach stables. Alernatively, less fancier services share only a 20 percent commission, but these kinds of services tend to be more common and popular as well (SSD lines, hosting packages, virtual gaming machines etc.). The program is worth looking at if your website is already in the industry and genre of cloud computing, but it's not a program with easy entry and usage for general consumer markets.

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