Hi men, I needed to shine a light on honestly my favorite card that was defensive who I scarcely notice being utilized. For dealing with Hogs that is my move to card, and I know a lot of battle battling them and detest them. For many background I’m now hanging around 3200, F2P, and purchased the “Tombstone” since inception. Should you beloved this information and you desire to receive details with regards to clash royale arena kindly check out our web site. This small man charges 3 Elixir but surfaces THEREFORE numerous cards that are popular with current decks. I’ll clarify somewhat more, but first need to state the true power of the “Tombstone” is’t its endless spawning but the FOUR Skeletons it spawns when it dies and the skill to carry troopers that simply target defenses.

I’m heading to pay why its strong based on troops it counters and where it’s clear flaws. General Play The “Tombstone” should never be put behind a Structure unless its being used to counter spawners. It should continually be set in the centre of the Arena to bring troops into twice tower fireplace. In using this the key is to counter push yet another lane so these soldiers do’t have AoE assistance. AoE isn’t a Skeletons buddy. The “Tombstone” does’t enjoy pushes that have backup so the trick really is to get this man to go 1v1 against their pushes.

This also can be employed with Lovers to both make the troopers change street or even make your king is activated by the troopers! The in the event the troops are headed accurately they will switch shelves or if the closest tower to them is the king they’ll attack him actually if hes not triggered yet. Strengths Of what you’ll read the gist, is that this card is amazing against slow attacking non AoE enemies.

Hog – This card is a truly astonishing counter for Hogs(which I’m certain everyone is sick-of by today). A solitary Hog (likely employed in hog freeze) may be solitary handly applied for by the “Tombstone” while allowing it to get 0-1 hits if done correctly. When you notice the hog dropped, place the “Tombstone” in to the centre of the stadium delivering the Hog into both podiums attack variety.

It’ll just take 2 visits to destroy purchasing some moment and damage. Once damaged 4 mo-Re Skeletons will spawn and carry on to defeat the hell from the Hog. The advantage of this is the right time it saves also to be not rather nasty versus Hog Freeze. This is only because if the Freeze Charm can be used before the “Tombstone” is broken the skeletons that spawn after are perhaps not influenced by it and if used after it’ll allow you moment to decrease Gobs or other things to look after the Hog.

Balloon – The purpose that is powerful as it’s a very inexpensive way to steer the Balloon in to double tower range from the tower. This is often done with every other defensive creating but “Tombstone” is s O cheap it’s only makes sense for me. I used it to pull the Mechanism in to my King.

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